III. Capacity & Human Capital


For the past 35 years, we have worked seamlessly with our clients as an ESG partnership. Staffed by advanced progress, facilities, and material-savvy engineers, FORMOSA PACK human capital together with efficient capacity turns out as committed quality. To achieve that synergy, Dr. Yen-chou, Tai, led us with science discipline and accumulated field experiences, that meet the ever-demanding sustainability package market.
Most food industry procurement consider our capacity to be their global supply chain--


1. mass production of CPLA D115 soup lid with precision and speed
2.PCR-PET : thermoforming manufactuerer of circular plastic
3. Bio-crustaceans: reduce the use of plastics in manufacturing
4. Customized the pattern of the sushi container bottom



Dr. Yenchou, Tai, General Manager
Prior to joining FORMOSA PACK, Dr. Yenchou, Tai, researched and developed the missile at the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology.
Anchi, Huang, Business Development Manager 
Anchi had served as an HRAS in TSMC and international procurement in PCC global supply chain. Now she serves as BD manager and ESG development in FORMOSA PACK.